Season One, Episode Four: Climate

Tom Linebarger, Chairman & CEO, Cummins Inc.
Lynn J. Good, Chair, President & CEO, Duke Energy Corporation
George R. Oliver, Chairman & CEO, Johnson Controls

In the fourth episode of BRT TV, the CEOs of Cummins Inc., Duke Energy Corporation and Johnson Controls describe the efforts of America’s job creators to address climate change and call for policies to support the rapid development and deployment of cleaner technologies.
Business Roundtable CEOs believe market-based solutions are the best approach to combating climate change. CEOs call for a complementary suite of policies to drive innovation, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global temperature rise.
Read the principles and policies.
Prior to COP26, CEOs and Chairs of leading global companies came together to express the business community’s strong support for climate action that tackles the threat of climate change while enabling growth, fostering competitiveness and supporting communities.
Learn more about the global call to action.
Season One, Episode Three: 
 U.S. Competitiveness