Season One, Episode Two: Infrastructure


  • Brendan Bechtel, Chairman & CEO, Bechtel Group, Inc.
  • Beth Ford, President & CEO, Land O'Lakes, Inc.
  • Scott Kirby, CEO, United Airlines
  • Joshua Bolten, President & CEO, Business Roundtable

In the second episode of BRT TV, we discuss with the leaders of Bechtel, Land O’Lakes, Inc., United Airlines, and Business Roundtable why the bipartisan infrastructure framework is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to generate historic investment in our transportation, water, energy and communications infrastructure—key to accelerating economic recovery, generating sustained growth and creating well-paying jobs for hardworking Americans. Hear firsthand from America’s job creators why infrastructure investment is so urgently needed—from lagging aviation systems to lack of broadband access in rural communities—and what it will mean for American workers and families.

The Commitment
Path To Sustainability
Cleaner Future
On June 24, 2021, Business Roundtable commended Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and the White House for their leadership and persistence in achieving bipartisan consensus on an infrastructure framework. Business Roundtable President & CEO Joshua Bolten said: "The proposal would generate historic investment in our highways, water, energy and communications infrastructure, which is key to bolstering the economic recovery, sustaining jobs and ensuring the U.S. is competitive over the long run . . . Business Roundtable endorses the bipartisan framework, and we will put the full weight of our advocacy behind advancing it."

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A modern infrastructure system is key to unleashing the full productive potential of the U.S. economy. The Business Roundtable "Delivering for America" report examines the state of U.S. infrastructure, where we need to go, and the economic effects of taking action. Infrastructure undergirds a modern, competitive U.S. economy, and is a catalyst for the connections and creativity that will power the innovation and economy of the future.

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Season One, Episode Four: